XV Jornadas de Economía Laboral / XV Labour Economics Meeting

29 y 30 de junio, 1 de julio / June 29-30, July 1

Lluís Fina Prize

Lluís Fina i Sanglàs (1942-2000) was one of the pioneers in the development and progress of labour economics in Spain. He developed his career in the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the European Commission’s Employment and Social Affairs Directorate-General, and the Department of Applied Economics of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona as Associate Professor.

He was a tireless promoter of ideas, publications and even associations related to labour market which, he believed, had to be studied from a broad perspective. He considered historical, sociological, legal and economic aspects to be fundamental in the study of a market as unique as the labour market. He was convinced, in addition, that all academic activity made no sense without practical action and true social and economic incidence. In his view, the final target of any academic research was to help with the correct functioning of the labour market by advising on the design of policies and institutions. With his death, we lost not only a good person but also an advocate of rigorous research, someone who was open to different ideas and clear on his ultimate goal: to help improve the living and working conditions of all people.

To keep his spirit alive, the Scientific Committee of the Jornadas de Economía Laboral and some attached colleagues launched the Lluís Fina Prize in 2003. Its main purpose is to honour and especially keep alive a way to understand how the analysis of the problems associated to the labour market must be approached.

Rules and submissions to the XI Lluís Fina Prize

1. The aim of the Prize is to recognize both theoretical and applied research excellence in the field of labour economics.
2. Eligible works are only those published in year 2021.
3. The format of the candidate studies is that of articles published in academic journals. Book chapters in collective works will also be accepted provided they have a distinct research contribution in terms of new results produced by author(s). Complete books or PhD Theses will not be accepted.
4. There are no restrictions on the number of authors of the paper. Nevertheless, individual works by young researchers will be positively valued. In case of collective works, the Prize will be awarded to all authors.
5. The scope of analysis for applied research should be the Spanish labor market (at the state, regional or local level) or the European labor market.
6. There is no limitation regarding the language used in the work or its extension.
7. The award-winning paper will be selected by a Prize Committee of three independent and leading labor economists appointed by the Management Board of the AEET. The members of the Prize Committee are non-eligible for the award.
8. A single work will be awarded, although the Prize Committee may consider awarding second prizes or leaving it void.
9. In the event of draw, priority will be given to authors that have not been awarded with the Lluís Fina Prize before.
10. The Prize, including possible second prizes, will consist of 3000 euros. From this amount the corresponding statutory tax will be deducted.
11. The Ceremony Award will be held during during the Gala Dinner of XV JEL conference.
12. To be eligible, at least one of the authors must be registered at the XV JEL.
13. The deadline for submission of papers will end on May 16th , 2022. The works should be sent to the address, stating in the subject «LLUIS FINA PRIZE». Submitted files should be either in «doc» or «pdf» formats (please submit one single file containing text, figures, tables and appendices).